Produce and Foliage Portfolio

Portraits of food and foliage in various states of freshness and decay.
Acrylic paint on wood.

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Aging Orange Dan's Apple Freckled Avocado Aging Red Onion Aldi Apple Dark Banana Berry Duo Chamomile Clementine  Apple Damage  Apple of the Sepulchre Dented Crabapple Freckled and Bruised Bloob 1  Bloob 3 

  Twining Carrots Cracked Carrot

Sour Crabapples on Stem Blueberry Blossoms Crankled Cranberry 

  Daisy Wood Dandelion Wood Wishdrifter Gall on Goldenrod

Dark Banana Berry Duo Garlic Grapefruit Glow Rotten Green Pepper Freckled Green Pumpkin Green Tomato Green Pumpkin With Stem Hazelnut Hot Pepper Rot Pepper Lone Artichoke Magic Beans Marred Garlic Holey Peas Poisonberry Blue Poisonberry Red 
Rainy Day Mushroom Red Onion Button RedGreen Pepper Rotten Red Pepper Rotten Red Tomato  Soft Avocado Sprouting Spud Spent Lemon Tiny white bean

Shallot Wizened Carrots
Tomayto Tomahto White Mushroom  Wrinkled Green Pepper Yellow Onion Button Walking Onion Topset - acrylic painting on wood 2022

Rotting green apple Black Krim Tomato Gourd

Maple Screws Droplet leaf Autumn 2021

Walnut leaflet

Close-up Chrysanthemum - acrylic painting on canvas in frame 2022

Red Onion Industrial Red Pepper