Pirate Light 1 - Scansion Art - Acrylic on wood with found objects

Pirate Light 1 - Scansion Art - Acrylic on wood with found objects

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Scansion Art plays with using visual symbols to represent the rhythm, sounds, and devices used in poetry, expressing the development of patterns and overall shape of poetic forms.

Poem copyright by Kate Jo Westfall

About 12" x 35"
Framed poem and key about 10" 12"
Send a message if exact measurements are needed.

Pirate Light

The pirates light the dawn with all the songs
you sing while sleeping on your nighttime walks,
recorded from the crow’s nest, passed along
to all the pirates via parrot-squawks.
They practice while they polish pistol-swords,
thankful that their lady’s never sunk,
and though their lady’s made from your sung words,
they still insist you walk her plank: kerplunk!
And every night you jump into the sea!
They celebrate by counting down to one,
they shout your chorus, cut off all your dreams,
and shoot the cannons that will raise the sun.

Acrylic paint on wood framed in found objects

Large circles indicate stressed syllables.
Small circles indicate unstressed syllables.
Connected circles indicate multi-syllabic words.
Matching center dots indicate assonance within a line.
Matching white marks indicate consonance within a line.
Matching pointers at the end of lines indicate rhyme.